Genuary 2021 - day 5

Another day of #genuary - this time with vaporwave

Genuary is a series of prompts to inspire generated art in the month of January. You can find a list of the prompts here:

The prompt for today was "Do some code golf!" Here’s what I came up with:

The colors make it feel very vaporwave-esque to me.

To start, I didn’t really have any ideas, so I started by thinking about what makes codegolf easy. I needed to use something that provided the boilerplate code so that I could say that my code fits into a tweet guilt-free. I thought about trying out pico8, but decided to use shadertoy instead. My project webgl playground is based off of shadertoy, but I’ve never actually written a shadertoy.

I spent some time experiementing with various ideas, but I won’t share the experiments I didn’t use here since I might use them as a starting point for some upcoming prompts. Once I settled on the idea I wanted to use, trimming to code to fit 280 characters was a fun challenge.

A really neat idea that I kept coming back to was the idea of subdivding the space into a grid and having effects that constrain to that grid. In my opinion that creates a very satisfying visual effect.

Written on January 5, 2021